Are you wanting to take the plunge and go for a short hairstyle? These short hairstyles are the most popular in 2012.

beautiful short hairstyle

Short hairstyles can be representative of any type of person we are representing.

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Short Straight Cut

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Short Straight Cut

Ashlee showed off an edgier side to her style with the debit of a cropped straight cut.

2010 spring short hair

You will save time and money on hair care and styling.

Short hairstyles for 2012…

Short haircuts are loved by most of the people, especially during the summers. Whether worn with bangs, layered for style or cut asymmetrically, a great short hairstyle can take years off of anyone.

hairstyles for women 2012

Halle Berry pixie cut

Halle Berry pixie cut

Short hairstyles for women 2012…

Pixie haircut is the very short hairstyle. It is is very easy to manage. Short Pixie hairstyles are always trendy to wear no matter what are the actual trends and depending on the shape of your face.

Halle Berry Pixie

Short pixie haircuts for Summer

The pixie haircut is very popular among short hairstyles and this brings about an attention to your features adding its own unique look.

2012 women pixie haircut

Halle Berry Pixie

Halle Berry’s signature pixie cut never gets old. The stunning actress started the pixie trend way back in the 90s and continues to keep the look fresh and modern.

Short pixie haircuts…

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