Again the bob haircut is high in trends for 2012 because it’s a fun hairstyle that will allow the best features of your face to be seen!

Anna Faris sleek polished-looking bob haircut


Chelsea Kane graduated bob with long side-swept bangs

Emily Blunt polished-looking bob haircut

These hairstyles can be versatile like Katie Holmes’ bob hairstyle and there are many types of bob haircuts out there to choose from.

Emily Blunt sleek and shiny bob hairstyle


The bob hairstyle is an extraordinarily flexible hairdo that allows you to be trendy and feel good.

January Jones curled blond bob hairstyle


Milla Jovovich curled out bob with bouncy waves

Another nice quality of the bob hair is that all of its versions are low maintenance hairdos. You have a longer bob with hair below the ears, you can have your bob inverted, and you can enjoy a short bob, as well.

Natasha Bedingfield cute blunt bob in soft waves

Vanessa Hudgens jaw-length bob with bouncy curls

Women’s Bob Hairstyles Gallery…

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