2012 – 2013 long hairstyle trend from celebrities

Long hairstyles are always a great look. Everybody is different and choosing hairstyles that match each person will depend on these difference. So, what is your way to choose a suitable hairstyle?

2012 – 2013 long hairstyle trend from celebrities

2012 summer long hairstyle trend from Claire

2010 summer long hairstyle trend from Claire

Claire Danes attends the New York Musical Theatre Festival opening night gala at Hudson Terrace. She is with her hot long hairstyle.

long hairstyle

Heidi has long hair with long chunky layers framing her sides that are long enough to give her plenty of texture and movement. She looks stunning in a white mini-dress and it hugs her figure perfectly, and sets off her gorgeous skin tone.

Long hairstyle from Rachel Leigh Cook


How do you like Rachel Leigh Cook’s long hairstyle? Just share with us.


Celebrity Ali Larter wears her long layered hairstyle in a bouncy curls for a celebrity awards event. The hair has been chipped at the ends to add texture and bounce to the curl. Medium to thick hair types which feature a strong curl will look great with this long hairstyle and longer face shapes will be flattered by the broadness of this hairstyle.

Arielle has long beautiful curls pulled back and hanging below her shoulders. Her long hairstyle is cut in very long layers and her color could be described as a warm golden blonde with different shades of blonde and light brown running through out her hair for depth and brightness.


This is a great hairstyle for those with fine to medium hair and will need regular trims to maintain shape and avoid split ends.

2012 – 2013 long hairstyles…

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